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Thursday, July 3, 2014

In My Diary+make portable

In My Diary is a free, personal diary application to help you organize
all your upcoming tasks and events, store your passwords,
keep track of notes and manage your contacts.
* Available for all Windows systems, Apple Mac (10.4+), and Linux (native or wine).
* Friendly, traditional diary interface.

The diary supports one-time and recurring events with customizable colors,
linked notes and early alert options.
You can also configure the application to send you email reminders,
using your own mail server or the provided SMTP service.
 In addition to diary entries,you can use In My Diary to keep a daily journal,
store your passwords as well as personal notes.
The program also integrates a contacts database with optional birthday reminders and label
 printing features. Other features include support for import/export (iCal, vCard),
 keyword search, built-in password generator, anniversary and special event options, and more.
In My Diary has been developed by Kevin Edwards,
a retired teacher and musician living in Yorkshire, England.
Please use the contact address given to make comments or suggestions
or just offer a simple 'thanks' if you find the program useful.
[Author's Note]

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