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Friday, March 7, 2014

Activation Backup Solution v.3.5-RC.5_portable

Advanced Tokens Manager.
Activation Backup Solution
Advanced Tokens Manager is an easy to use application that helps you with Windows and Office activation backup and restore.
Advanced Tokens Manager is a safer application that helps you with the Windows and Office Activation Backup and Restore.
Microsoft imposes one limit of activations online and by phone for all licenses on your products.
This application is able to make the full backup of all activation data stored on the computer for a trusted restore without damage or modification of the activation system.

Activation restore success rate is 100% if the new product edition is the same from backup and the copy is clean installed.
Preserve the Hardware ID Master Generation Key for sensitive license channels when it is activated by Phone.
Use the same backup to restore the activation status infinitely on the same hardware.
Do not take ownership of any activation file backup / restoring the file properties.
Activate the product from x86 to x64 and vice versa when using the same product edition.
Install a fresh product windows copy with newer service packs and updates.
Stores all activation details for a trusted activation restore.
All product license activation channels are fully-supported.
Check if the detected ProductKey matches with the installed license.
Backup integrity checker with CRC32 of all backed-up files.
Check if the backup is valid for the product Edition.
Force the restore reinstalling files from tokens.dat.
Update your drivers without loosing activation.
Refresh the drivers before the restore.
Application log for activation restore.
Static Product ID after activated.
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