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Monday, March 17, 2014

Sys Optimizer v.0.9.7+portable-Eng

Sys Optimizer
Best Optimization software for Windows that optimizes system in fraction of second.
This is a automatic optimitation software that automatically
 configures the folders by iteself.

Version : 0.9.7
Key Benefits
One Click Optimization will remove the temporary files with one click.
Sys Optimizer is a easy to use optimization solution that automatically configures. So there is not worry to select and go to many menus to configure the items
Software can be expanded using addons
* Friendly User Interface with only two buttons so that it would be so easy for the users.
Features of Sys Optimizer
What are the temp items can be cleaned by using Sys Optimizer

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari

Temp files of the softwares like Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player, Utorrent, Notepad ++ and many more
Log Files, Windows Error Reporting Logs, Windows Recent items, Windows Explorer Thumbnail Cache.
What other things you can do with Sys Optimizer
You can Uninstall Software, Running Process can be stopped, Power plans can be changed. Empty folder finder can find empty folder in a drive. Sys Optimizer can stop the user defined process instantly as it starts.
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